AD Triage

AD Triage: Forensically acquire data from live and powered down computers in the field.

AD Triage is an easy-to-use forensically sound data acquisition and extraction tool for on-scene collection from computers that are live or have been powered down . Preview the file system and target data by criteria, including keyword(s), hash, regular expression, file size, date and time, extensions, file path and illicit images. In addition, users can collect network and system information, as well as live memory. It allows you to acquire the full disk, a volume, or peripheral devices, saving data to a USB device, an external hard drive or exporting the data to a designated location on the same network.

Reduce Case backlogs, save time and cut expenses

With AD Triage, Forensic investigators can reduce backlogs saving expenses and time. AD triage scans can take only hours to detect the same findings full investigations can detect in weeks.

AD Triage

Identify relevant evidence and obtain investigative leads in hours as opposed to days

AD Triage allows investigators to identify critical information while at the scene or within a short period of time – measured in hours as opposed to days. AD Triage delivers crime scene investigative leads quickly especially needed in cases such as child abductions, online sexual exploitation of children, missing or exploited persons. The timely delivery of these leads can be the difference between life and death for the victim(s).

Safely acquire and preserve evidence in the field, no technical experience required!

AD Triage device can be preconfigured to automatically acquire only the data you’ve selected, allowing inexperienced users to safely and effectively use the tool.

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AD Triage is a great option for corporate and government teams who often need to acquire data from powered on or powered off machines for internal investigations, FOIA or even subpoenas. Law enforcement officers can preserve evidence securely without having to wait hours for a forensics expert to arrive on scene..