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The most common issues that this function identifies are:

  • Power circuit failure, such as a failed fuse or power converter chipset
  • Motor seizure or heads sticking to disk platters, for example, a mechanical issue preventing the drive from spinning up

The function also identifies some other failures, such as a failed motor controller chipset or a failed CPU. However, identifying these failures may require some expertise. You must compare graphs taken from a failed drive with graphs from a good drive of the same family, because the lower level diagnostic is drive-specific.

In general, taking into account the fact that most 3.5” drives consume 5V for CPU and voice coil actuator operation and 12V for motor-related circuitries, it is possible to identify an area of the drive where the problem lies. Since all 2.5” drives consume 5V only, their diagnostic is a bit less functional; however, common issues such as the two failures mentioned above are still easily identified.

The hardware package for DeepSpar Disk Imager is sold separately either with a purchase of a new DeepSpar Disk Imager or as an add-on to your existing DeepSpar Disk Imager. You will need to solder a mini printed circuit board to the main printed circuit board inside DeepSpar Disk Imager’s enclosure. It also requires upgrading DeepSpar Disk Imager’s firmware using its USB port.

Here are some examples of Current Monitoring Package graphs taken from various drives: