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Cyber Analyst +1 – Foundational Skills

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About Cybermerc

Cybermerc is a company founded by highly experienced cyber security professionals with decades of experience defending commercial, law enforcement and Government networks. We are passionate about teaching cyber security professionals by distilling wisdom to accelerate careers.


The CA+1 five day course builds student knowledge of threat actors by placing students into the shoes of their adversaries. Students ‘become’ bad guys and build attack infrastructure to spear-phish staged targets. Students are taught to identify and work against cyber criminals, issue motivated groups and state based cyber actors (APTs).


At the completion of the course students are able to apply good cyber tradecraft for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering. They will know how and when to use covert infrastructure and cover identities; and why bad guys do too. They will use this experience to reveal sophisticated cyber actors inside the networks they defend.


Designed for students of all levels of technical experience, from newbies to elite hackers. (Executives/managers welcome!)


Realistic hands-on labs. All students are given (to keep) a covert laptop for OSINT on day one of training


Students graduating CA+1 are well suited to SOC/IR team roles in high-risk environments. They can apply this knowledge immediately at work.

Where next?

Students who graduate CA+1 should attend CA+2 to enhance their skills in even more advanced realworld incident response scenarios.