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The Most Powerful and Easy-To-Use Remote Investigation Solution Available

Give your security specialists, investigators, computer incident-response teams, and litigation specialists everything they need to immediately and thoroughly search, collect, preserve, and analyze data from servers and workstations anywhere on your corporate network – without disrupting operations. Be confident in your findings using EnCase® Enterprise, the trusted and industry-leading digital forensics solution used by more than 65 of the Fortune 100 and by numerous government agencies.

Remote Investigation Solution

Market Leaders and Government Agencies Trust EnCase Enterprise to:

  • Reduce costs and improve efficiencies with a centralized digital investigation capability
  • Increase confidence in findings by using the #1 solution for remote investigations
  • Achieve compliance with regulatory investigation requirements
  • Uncover potential evidence faster than ever using advanced searching capabilities
  • Improve efficiency by automating common investigation tasks
  • Preserve evidence integrity with the court-proven EnCase® evidence file format
  • Enable the foundation for digital investigation, incident response, and electronic data discovery

Dependable Results:

You can be confident in your findings when using the proven, trusted, industry-leading forensic solution.

Powerful Search:

You’ll uncover more potential evidence faster using advanced search capabilities to identify data that would be irretrievable with other computer forensic applications.

Efficient Automation:

Boost your efficiency through automation of investigative tasks with EnScript®, the scripting extension built into EnCase Enterprise.


Rest assured that EnCase Enterprise preserves data in an evidence file format (L01,Lx01 or E01, Ex01) with an unsurpassed record of court acceptance.


The powerful and efficient features in EnCase® Enterprise have made it the trusted standard for digital investigations. No other product offers the same degree of functionality, acceptance, and performance.

Acquire from Almost Anywhere

Acquire data from disk or RAM, documents, images, email, webmail, internet artifacts, web history and cache, HTML page reconstruction, chat sessions, compressed files, backup files, encrypted files, RAIDs, workstations, servers, and—with Version 7—smartphones and tablets.

Complete Endpoint Visibility

View hundreds of file formats in native form or with a built-in registry viewer, process and system information viewer, and integrated photo viewer, or see results on a timeline/calendar.

Forensically Sound Acquisition

EnCase Enterprise produces an exact binary duplicate of the digital evidence, then verifies it by generating MD5 hash values for related image files and assigning CRC values to the data. These checks and balances reveal when evidence has been tampered with or altered, helping to keep all digital evidence forensically sound for use in court proceedings or internal investigations.

Advanced Analysis

Recover files and partitions, detect deleted files and password-protected files, perform file signature analysis and hash analysis–even within compounded files or unallocated disk space.

Improved Productivity

Preview results while data is being acquired. Then, once your image files are created, you can search and analyze multiple drives or media simultaneously. Enhanced caching capabilities have been designed to give you instant access to case data–even if the machine is offline.

Automated de-NISTing Capabilities

The National Software Reference Library (NSRL) is provided in the EnCase hash library format, making it easy to de-NIST potential evidence, eliminating thousands of known files from your evidence sets. This significantly reduces the time and amount of data to be analyzed.

Customizable and Extensible with EnScript

EnCase Enterprise features extensibility via EnScript® programming capabilities. EnScript® lets you create to custom scripts to help automate time-consuming investigative tasks, such as searching and analyzing specific document types or other labor-intensive processes and procedures. You can harness this power to greatly improve efficiencies around tasks unique to your organization.

Automatic Reports

Export reports with lists of relevant system information, files, and folders along with detailed list of URLs, with dates and time of visits. Provide hard-drive information and details related to the acquisition, drive geometry, folder structure, etc.

Actionable Data

Once you’ve identified relevant evidence, you can create a comprehensive report for presentation in court or to management and other stakeholders in the outcome of the investigation.

Supports Compliance Initiatives

EnCase Enterprise Version 7 facilitates the investigative requirements of several regulatory mandates including Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and GLBA.

Powerful Automation

Common processes, including custom EnScript programs, can be automated, allowing you to improve your efficiency. With template-driven processing, your results are consistent, providing output that’s easy to find and use.

Optimized and Integrated EnScript®

Investigators with heavy case workloads appreciate the efficiencies added by additional automation via EnScript®. We’ve added the ability to integrate custom EnScript results in to the Evidence Processor as well as vastly improved performance. Windows 7 artifacts are supported now, as well.

Unified Search

Our robust new query language uses an advanced index engine to search across entire cases at once, enabling swift identification of potential evidence.

Intuitive User Interface

We’ve completely overhauled the user experience and created a new, easy-to-use, tabbed interface that might remind you more of a web-browsing experience.