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Nuix Investigator Lab is for organizations looking to set up a dedicated facility that can rapidly ingest and process terabytes of digital evidence per day and make it available for timely analysis.

Our investigation software enables multiple investigators and subject matter experts simultaneously to review and collaborate on an investigation with secure remote access, and produce comprehensive reports on your findings. It includes portable and network collection functionality, a separate Nuix Investigator Workstation license for a laptop or desktop PC and two days of training. The base product comes with five reviewer licenses; additional reviewers and Nuix Web Review & Analytics are also available.

In-Depth Forensic Capabilities

Use powerful forensic capabilities including:

  • Indexing and viewing the Microsoft Windows Registry
  • Parsing log files and databases
  • Carving out full and partial deleted files and slack space
  • Drilling into forensic artifacts with a hex viewer
  • Deeply analyzing Windows, Mac OS HFS+ and HFSX and Linux file systems.

Portable Collection

Collect and analyze evidence in the field, then bring it back to the office and seamlessly merge it into an existing case.

Examine All Evidence Sources at Once

Extract data from:

  • Loose files and folders
  • Single-user (PST, OST, NSF, mbox) and multiple-user (EDB, Domino, Groupwise) email databases
  • Forensic images including dd, EnCase E01 and L01 and Access Data AD1
  • Mac OS Parallels, Microsoft Virtual Server and VMware virtual disk images
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Mobile device file systems and Cellebrite, Micro Systemation XRY and Oxygen Forensic images
  • Cloud email services such as Hotmail and Gmail
  • Microsoft SQL Server databases.

Content-Based Forensic Triage

Combine data management, analytical and forensic techniques to focus on the most critical evidence sources until the key facts emerge.

Extract and Correlate Intelligence

Automatically extract and cross-reference intelligence items such as names, companies, sums of money and personal information to reveal connections across multiple data sources and investigations.

Powerful Visual Analytics

Visualize the data with tools including network diagrams, timelines and date-trend charts, to make it easier to detect trends and isolate outliers across massive volumes and multiple sources of evidence.

Law Enforcement and Government Pricing

This product is available at heavily discounted prices for law enforcement and government investigative agencies in North America and UK/EMEA. For more information, download our Nuix Investigator fact sheet for law enforcement and government agencies.