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Simple Carver Lite is a portable version of Simple Carver data recovery tool and uses the same reliable search engine. The advantage of Simple Carver Lite is that it only takes a small number of mouse clicks to begin the search and recovery process. The accuracy of Simple Carver Lite lies with the Search Criteria used.

Simple Carver Lite uses simple transparent search criteria as shown below.


At the heart of Simple Carver Lite is a reliable search engine, to provide the following features:

  • Search first, recover later approach
  • Utilises Filesig Manager files signatures
  • Hexadecimal Searches
  • Unlimited Search Terms
  • Detailed transparent reporting features
  • Large File Support

The processes used to recover data are not hidden as with other data recovery tools on the market. What you search for is what you recover.

Log files detailing what was found and where are automatically produced for cross verification with other software if required.