X-Ways Forensics 19.4 Preview 5b was released

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Preview 5b:

  • Output of the official InstallDate of a Windows 10 installation from the SOFTWARE hive in addition to the SYSTEM hive’s original “Source OS *” InstallDate if present as an “Upgrade” timestamp in the properties of newly added evidence objects, so that users find both dates there and don’t suspect a bug in X-Ways Forensics if the installation date that they think is correct does not match the date shown. Anyway, for more complete information please generate the registry report.
  • The extra effort that X-Ways Forensics makes to include deleted objects in FAT32 file systems correctly in the volume snapshot since v19.3 is now optional (see Options | Volume Snapshot). If only half checked, the extra effort is made only for subdirectories, not files.
  • Some minor improvements.

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