205C IIFO Investigating Insurance Fraud Online


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Many insurance companies across North America have increased their spending on investigating fraudulent claims, with much of the burden falling on insurance investigators and case managers.  In 2017, the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) investigated over 16,000 claims, of which more than half were found to be fraudulent. A recent survey conducted by ICBC found that 10-20% of claim costs stem from fraud.

Investigating Insurance Fraud Online will enable investigators, case managers, and other fraud-prevention and insurance professionals to effectively use the internet as an investigative tool for locating case-specific information, both quickly and efficiently, reducing the time and resources expended on everyday investigations.

Learn About

  • Challenges facing insurance investigators
  • Recognizing flags and indicators online
  • Deconstructing limited information
  • Secondary and tertiary keyword development
  • Effective investigative approaches and methods
  • Online data migration and longevity
  • Current trends in the use of social networking
  • Organizing and presenting social media results
  • Applying photogrammetry and imagery analysis
  • Developing ‘The Circle of Acquaintances’
  • Determining reliability of information posted online
  • Capturing, organizing, and storing Web-based evidence
  • Reporting investigative findings
  • Other techniques for analyzing online information
  • Examples of fraud and indicators from real-life cases
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