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AD Triage is an easy-to-use data acquisition and extraction tool for forensically sound on-scene collection. Whether you are in law enforcement dealing with the growing backlog of devices waiting to be processed or a company managing the rising costs of e-discovery, AD Triage allows users to collect data from computers, whether they are turned on or turned off.

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AD Triage allows investigators to identify critical information while at the scene or within a short period of time—measured in hours as opposed to days. AD Triage delivers crime scene investigative leads quickly, especially needed in cases such as child abductions, online sexual exploitation of children, missing or exploited persons.

Experienced, tech-savvy data forensic investigators can use AD Triage to preview and search data prior to collection or preconfigure triage devices to allow inexperienced personnel to securely preserve digital evidence on scene.

When your teams need a solution to collect data on site and rely on first responders, IT, or even paralegals who are technologically savvy but not experienced data forensic investigators, you can rely on AD Triage. It’s designed for the non-technical user and requires little to no training.


Key Product Features

Take your on-scene preview and acquisition of live or shut down computers one step further.

  • Portable solution for increased flexibility
  • No need to carry a laptop or write blocker
  • Pairs with nFIELD™, AccessData’s tool for mobile device collection
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