BEC100 Belkasoft Prerequisite Course


Price: $950 USD

Location: Online



This course is designed to introduce new examiners to the realm of digital forensics and provide the baseline of foundational knowledge needed to perform analysis of artifacts acquired from digital evidence. The BEC workflow is designed around the following fundamental concepts of digital forensics:

  • Identification of digital evidence
  • Logical disk structures
  • Maintaining the integrity of source media
  • Understanding the operating system
  • Locating pertinent digital artifacts

During Instructor-led course activities and exercises, participants will demonstrate their understanding of essential digital forensic concepts while using the BEC platform. Upon completion, participants will be qualified to attend the Belkasoft certification course.


Language: English

Duration: 2 days

Formats: Onsite or online


  1. Introduction 1 Hour
  2. The Forensic Process 1 Hour
  3. Identification of Digital Evidence 2 Hours
  4. Digital Storage Media 2 Hours
  5. File System Overview 2 Hours
  6. The Operating System 2 Hours
  7. Essential Artifacts 3 Hours
  8. Legal Issues 1 Hour