Case Management

Case Management


Each of our solutions is designed, developed, and deployed to help our users streamline their case management workflows and work in a more efficient and collaborative way.


Develop efficient procedures


Our experts impart their experience and technical know-how to help our customers develop newer and more efficient procedures through capability and capacity development consulting.


Protect your cases


Separate gatherings


Keep the online presence of all of your intelligence gatherings separated to avoid contaminating your evidence.

Share cases encrypted


Cases can be password protected and shared in an encrypted container containing all case info.

Embedded audit log


The embedded audit log keeps track of who did what, making it possible to swiftly share cases.


  • Do you have any support for GDPR or privacy?

    Yes. There are systems in place to help you follow GDPR guidelines.

  • Do you have forensic capabilities?

    Yes. Discovry’s built-in forensic browser is a highly secure capability that enables investigators to capture digital evidence directly from the source then apply necessary time-date stamps and hash values. Additionally, digital evidence cannot be modified by the user.

  • Can we use Discovry alongside internal and external data sources?

    Absolutely. Using YOSE, users can index and process large volumes of data sources and then query such data using Discovry’s seamless integration with YOSE. Additionally, we provide our customers with access to external data sources from our partners.

  • What’s the minimum system requirements?

    Windows 8.1 or MacOs (latest), 64bit, 4 GB of memory, broadband internet connection, a minimum screen resolution of 1366×768 and a multi-core processor. That’s it.