Collecting With Confidence on the Frontline

Cellebrite Frontliner


Collecting With Confidence on the Frontline


In an investigation, every moment counts. Cellebrite Frontliner simplifies digital data collection by empowering your field officers and first responders to securely and privately collect digital evidence in real-time.


Cellebrite Frontliner

Quickly Collect Consent-based Digital Evidence


Capture select digital evidence at the scene to help solve cases faster and improve community trust.


  • Wireless data collecting and sharing that allows officers to maintain social distancing
  • Simple operation that requires minimal training
  • A reduced burden on lab practitioners with frontline officers gathering data in the field
  • Forensically sound process and the ability to audit the chain of custody through embedded consent forms
  • Guaranteed security through password protection while allowing forensic reports to be easily shared
  • Enhanced community collaboration so witnesses and victims don’t have to give up their personal devices to provide evidence

The Fastest Way to Gather Evidence


Enable field officers to collect key evidence from crime scenes and receive consent-based digital data from witnesses that’s kept forensically sound.



Enter case details on scene and jump start the investigation

Turn your mobile device camera into a digital intelligence camera

Quickly copy specific files removing the need to seize the phone

Share reports with investigative team while in the field

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