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Premium access to all iOS and high-end Android devices

Unlock and extract crucial mobile phone evidence from all iOS and high-end Android devices.

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A Comprehensive Solution to Access iOS and High-End Android Devices

Bypass or determine locks and perform a full file system extraction on any iOS device, or a physical extraction or full file system (File-Based Encryption) extraction on many high-end Android devices, to get much more data than what is possible through logical extractions and other conventional means.

Gain access to 3rd party app data, chat conversations, downloaded emails and email attachments, deleted content and more, increase your chances of finding the incriminating evidence and bringing your case to a resolution.

Key Benefits of iOS Data Extraction

  • Determine passcodes & perform unlocks for all Apple devices
  • Sophisticated algorithms to minimize unlock attempts
  • Perform a forensically sound full file-system extraction

Key Benefits of Android Data Extraction

  • Bypass or determine locks on leading Android devices
  • Extract unallocated data to maximize recovery of deleted items
  • Perform a forensically sound physical or full file-system extraction

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