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Data breaches are increasing. When malware and viruses hit your organization, you risk downtime or even reputation damage while you work to fix the breach. Even if you have an incident response plan, adding the right software can help you identify compromises faster. Cerberus is an automated malware triage platform solution designed to easily integrate with FTK®, empowering organizations to proactively identify compromised systems. It’s a first layer of defense against the risk of imaging unknown devices and allows you to identify infected files and avoid exporting them after processing your data.

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Determine both the behavior and intent of security breaches sooner through complex analysis prior to a full-blown malware attack.

Strengthen security defenses and prevent malicious software from running with state-of-the- art technology called whitelisting.

Cerberus helps you confidently answer important questions about the potential impact of infected files throughout your organization, taking the guesswork out of your breach investigation.


Key Product Features

When criminals create viruses and arm them with an executable, Cerberus is there to stop the threat.

  • Sniff out malicious intent of the malware
  • Expose malware for even closer scrutiny
  • Better communicate the malware’s plan of attack and capabilities
  • More effective triaging of an executable with malicious intent
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