Chat Analytics

Chat Analytics


Our superior technology enables investigators to quickly filter, search, and visualize targeted intelligence contained within chat data.


Work with multiple chat data formats


We provide our users with the capability to index, ingest, and analyze multiple chat data formats, including Outlook data files, MBOX data files, scraped user group chats, forum-based databases, and more.


Find important information


Visualize interactions


Combine email, financial transactions, chat, and even PHP forums to visualize all interactions.

Tag, bookmark, classify


Use the embedded functions to keep track of your work and ensure you don’t miss anything.

AI-empowered Search


Use AI and keyword matching to quickly locate the most interesting interactions and persons.


  • What formats of data are supported?

    YOSE automatically understands Outlook PST files as well as Mbox. There is also the possibility to import Microsoft Excel or CSV files to add to the chat analytics. There is the possibility to add PHPBB databases as well.

  • What search methods can I use?

    Free text search across all messages, using AI to analyze the sentiment to find relevant interactions. Or use keyword lists to quickly locate the most interesting conversations.

  • Can I visualize media as part of the conversation?

    All media is indexed and presented as part of the message. This makes it possible to search media files (face, OCR, license plates, scenes, objects) and find the corresponding message where the file originates from to get the context.

  • What’s the minimum system requirements?

    Windows 8.1, 64bit, 16 GB of memory, a hardware accelerated graphics card and a multi-core processor.