Detego® Case Management Systems

Detego Investigative Case Management System

Customised workflow management forinvestigations and exhibits

Detego’s® Case Management System is the central management hub for the creation and management of investigative tasks as well as digital exhibit processing and reporting.


A Bespoke Solution

A customised solution to fit your unique business rules.

Collect the Right Information

Interview style e-forms customised to collect specific information relevant to your workflow.

At the Right Time

Specific information that needs to be collected at every step of the investigation process.


Exhibit Case Management System


Centrally Manage Digital Exhibits


The Exhibit Case Management System provides a structured, proven process ideal for managing the handling, processing and reporting of examinations of digital exhibits in set down procedures both in Digital Forensic Laboratories, and across all other sites.


  • Structured, proven process for managing the handling, processing and reporting of the examinations of digital exhibits.
  • Follow set down procedures specific to organisational requirements.
  • Total governance over your investigative teams.
  • Complete management oversight of all the digital cases and exhibits.
  • Built with your ISO 17025 methodologies in mind.