Detego® Unified Digital Forensics Platform Software Packages

The Detego Unified Digital Forensics Platform, is a true end-to-end solution with modules tailored to rapidly extract data from multiple digital device types and to analyse the evidence all within the same platform. Choose an individual module that suit your organisations needs, or purchase a complete solution via one of our software bundles below.

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Detego Suite Pro

Detego Suite Pro

  • Detego Field Triage | Rapid automated triage of laptops, PCs and servers with instant alerts
  • Detego Media Acquisition | Rapid automated data acquisition from Hard Drives (HDDs & SSD), loose media (USB, SD Cards etc.) and drone data.
  • Detego for Mobile Devices | Rapid logical data acquisitions from Android and iOS devices.
  • Detego Analyse | Automated In-depth analysis to extract maximum intelligence from all forensic acquisitions retrieved using Detego data extraction modules.
  • Detego Fusion | Advanced link analysis across all your digital exhibits.
  • Detego Ballistic Imager | Rapid forensic imaging of laptops, PCs and Servers.