Document Analytics

Document Analytics


Our AI-driven solution comes equipped with Sentiment Analysis, enabling you to quickly identify negative or violent sentiment within vast quantities of text.


Navigate large documents faster


Our solution extracts key information such as names, telephone numbers, IP addresses, and emails and presents such information across various analytical formats.

Using the embedded purpose-built document viewers lets you handle documents from evidence or intelligence perspective, not from a reading perspective. This makes it possible to navigate the documents much faster without missing the details, even in the largest documents.


Work efficient and structured


Intelligence perspective


Using the extracted intelligence to navigate the document from an intelligence perspective and not go page by page.

Purpose-built viewers


The HTML, CSV/XLSX, and PDF viewers are purpose-built to help you navigate and search the largest documents with blazing speed.

Apply Case Bookmarking


Bookmark inside the documents and keep those bookmarks structured across different documents for the complete case.


  • What file formats are supported?

    Microsoft Excel, CSV Files, Adobe PDF, HTML, Microsoft Word, and RTF.

  • How large files are supported?

    There are no known limits. PDF files with up to 100.000 pages have been tested, and CSV files with millions of rows have been imported without any noticeable performance degradations.

  • What can be analyzed?

    It all depends on the format. For PDF and HTML, you can search for anything inside; text, images, and videos using AI to quickly find what you are looking for. For Excel/CSV, there is a powerful viewer that lets you navigate large files.

  • What’s the minimum system requirements?

    Windows 8.1, 64bit, 16 GB of memory, a hardware accelerated graphics card and a multi-core processor.