Discovry is an all-in-one digital investigations toolkit that enables users to collect, process, analyze, and report all from one place.


Built-in forensic browser


With our built-in forensic browser, digital investigators can securely and effectively acquire data and information from the surface and dark web, then use that data to build a comprehensive case.


Structure and overview


Keep structure


Document your findings in cards to keep everything structured and get an easy overview.

Create a link chart


Automatically create a link chart as you are connecting your documented information.

Automatic cross-matching


Automatically cross-match with other data sources to ensure no stone is left unturned.


  • What file types are supported?

    You can import practically any file type. Images and videos intelligence is extracted and cross-matched with other sources.

  • What type of structure can you build?

    Discovry lets you structure your information into cards; Persons, Organizations, Objects, Events, and Locations.

  • Can I record videos?

    Yes, you can record videos in parallel to document evidence from any source.

  • What’s the minimum system requirements?

    Windows 8.1 or MacOs (latest), 64bit, 4 GB of memory, broadband internet connection, a minimum screen resolution of 1366×768 and a multi-core processor. That’s it.