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E-Discovery Software

Legal Hold

The gold standard for automating your legal hold process, Exterro Legal Hold enables you to easily manage the preservation process through orchestrated, defensible workflows.


E-Discovery Data Management

Exterro E-Discovery Data Management is the sole Collection, Processing, Review, and Production solution that identifies the most important ESI before collection, saving you time, money and frustration.


Project Management

The only purpose-built project management system designed specifically to orchestrate the workflows and activities associated with e-discovery and other legal processes. Easily modified user-defined workflows coordinate all relevant tasks and activities, including preservation, collection, processing, review, and production.



Fully integrated, complete review platform supports the most cost-effective combination of internal, contract, and service provider reviewers.


In-Place Preservation

Protects and secure electronically stored information (ESI) from accidental deletion prior to collection. Using close integration with leading email, collaboration, and archiving applications such as Microsoft Office 365, In-Place Preservation promotes legal hold defensibility and prevents employee data deletion subject to legal holds or other obligations.


Smart ECA

Quickly investigate and identify potentially responsive data both prior and post collection by exposing contextual relationships between custodians and content, significantly saving you time, money and resources in the e-discovery process. Through rich visualizations of content stored throughout your organization, you can explore concept clusters and communication patterns to quickly and defensibly get you to the facts of every matter.


ECA, Collection, and Processing

Save significant time and money with the industry’s only solution that both identifies responsive data prior to collection, and combines processing and collection into a single process.