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Intella P.I.

is a web-enabled browser based review platform that allows multiple reviewers to simultaneously work on a matter. It has an intuitive workflow that helps reviewers of all levels get the job done.

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Intella P.I. is a fully featured forensic and eDiscovery tool. Process, search, recover and export to a load file for a wide range of email and data types.
Instructions for Activating Intella P.I.


To activate Intella P.I. on your computer you will need to complete the following 3 steps:


Download and install Intella
Create a c2v file on the computer that you want to use Intella P.I. on
Apply the P.I. license to your computer system


Note: Once Intella P.I. has been licensed on a particular computer, it cannot be moved to another computer. Therefore it is important to conduct all of the steps below on the system which you want to use Intella P.I. on.