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Intella Team

Intella Team enables multiple individuals to review unlimited amounts of evidence independently or simultaneously, with one case administrator. Team members’ work can be consolidated into a single result, facilitating collaborative investigations.


Key features of Intella Team

Intella TEAM is the ideal email investigation and eDiscovery software tool for an agency, law firm, or investigative team that needs to coordinate the search and analysis of ESI, and files in excess of 250 gigabytes. Intella TEAM features the powerful search engine and unique visual presentations that have made Intella popular. The easy to use interface and Cluster Map allows you to find critical data, visualize relevant relationships, and drill down to the most pertinent data.
With Intella TEAM, you can process and search multiple email sources, file types, and metadata. View results in a visual layout of your choice and export the items of interest in a wide variety of file formats. Intella TEAM includes the most advanced export and sharing features available in the Intella suite of products. Analysts and reviewers’ work can be consolidated into a single result facilitating collaborative investigations.

  • Collaborative review
  • Network-based case sharing
  • Email threading
  • Cluster map technology


Intella Team Components

Intella Team Manager
Intella Team Manager is the primary component and performs three critical functions: processing the case data or evidence, sharing the case between team members, and updating the case based on the reviewing decisions from the team members.
Intella Viewer
Intella Viewer is an optional companion for Intella Team. Viewer allows other investigators to view the shared case on different computers. Intella Viewer provides the ability for team members to independently search, filter, bookmark, tag, and comment on items in a case. This work product is transferred back to the Team Manager where the master case is updated with the changes. Note that Intella Viewer does not have any processing capability.

Using Intella Team


Collaborative Review

  Intella Team is our entry level multiuser, network enabled solution. Using Intella TEAM you will process the ESI into a case file. Then use the TEAM Manager to setup access for your specified case agents (Reviewers) to that case file. Reviewer will connect using the credentials given and undertake their investigation. Reviewers have access to all of the standard features of Intella.   TEAM is often used when there is a large case that requires multiple users to search the case data at the same time.

Intella Team


Intella Team

Powerful Indexing

  Intella Team Manager offers experts the ability to index a vast array of file types including disk images, emails, instant messages, cell phone extraction reports, Windows Registry artifacts, and certain proprietary databases.


Cluster Map Technology

  Our unique cluster map display enables investigators to see relationships between keywords and search results. This helps the user to identify the not so obvious links between data and people which could be relevant to the investigation.

Intella Team


Intella Team

Email Threading

  Intella’s email threading capabilities make it easier for reviewers to review and manage emails conversations. Email threading has a few useful features. Firstly, it shows all of the messages in a conversation thread. This is useful for the user to understand all of the parties who are involved in a conversation thread. Secondly, threading helps reviewers identify inclusive emails. These are emails that when reviewed together, the inclusive emails contain all of the conversation in the thread. This eliminates the need to review redundant emails in the thread (non-inclusive emails), and therefore speeds up the review process. The thread also shows where missing emails should be in the thread. Missing emails in a thread can suggest that email had been missed during the collection phase.


Advanced Search

  Over and beyond basic keyword searches, Intella has a number of Advanced search and analytical features. Intella’s Insight Analytics delivers macro-views of the data so that you can gain understanding of the scope of your case. Other features such as Content Analysis searches, Near duplicate identification, and the Identities view all help with locating the most pertinent evidence within the case.

Intella Team


Intella Team is the Ideal Solution for


  • Managed service providers who need to grant client access to case data
  • Law enforcement agencies with investigative teams needing to work together on cases
  • Companies with employees working remotely during lockdown situations


Solution Comparison Chart

Intella is a powerful process, search, filter and producing review tool that makes it simple to find critical data.

Intella Team

Intella Team

Intella Team