This purpose-built, standalone solution enables your frontline teams to quickly collect and act on mobile data at specific locations, like police stations and border control checkpoints.


Pre-installed and fully integrated with UFED InField, the plug and play Kiosk offers a secure, closed hardware platform that empowers teams with actionable insights when they’re needed most.

Actionable Data When You Need It

With digital data linked to virtually every modern-day investigation, law enforcement is challenged to keep pace. To accelerate investigation resolution, agencies increasingly stretch forensic resources as they try to gather all relevant digital evidence.

Overcoming these challenges is possible with the right digital solutions that access, manage and leverage digital evidence from anywhere, at any time.

Cellebrite Kiosk empowers investigative teams to securely extract data from the widest range of devices at specific locations or on the go. As a key component of Cellebrite’s investigation solutions, allows users to perform selective or full physical data extraction saving time and increasing community trust.

With minimal training, Cellebrite Kiosk users can easily surface critical insights that speed up investigative work flows and solve cases faster.


Kiosk Datasheet Graphic


Key Benefits

Real time data extraction to answer critical questions

Extract specific data from the widest variety of devices, SIM cards or USBs. Cellebrite Kiosk enables automatic device detection to find the right workflow per device type. Easily extract passwords, disable or bypass user locks and decode data from more than 1,500 mobile applications in minutes.


Encourage community collaboration

The Quick Copy function allows victims and witnesses to share only the data that’s relevant to the case while leaving all other information private. Build trust in the community while increasing the efficiency of digital evidence extraction.

View and analyze data in a streamlined workflow

Quickly discover key locations using Map View and other filter tools including timelines, contacts, crime-related watch lists, bookmarks, and sort order. Easily create and share reports with the wider investigation team or streamline case data into Cellebrite Investigation Solutions for deeper analysis.

Implement your internal processes with Cellebrite Kiosk and Central Management System (CMS)

Monitor and enable/disable each functionality according to user permissions. Users can also pre-define which reports will be automatically saved and where and define case details using fields and values.

Digital Intelligence For A Safer World

Field solutions are integral to an agency’s digital intelligence strategy and ensure digital data is impactful at every stage of an investigation. Cellebrite Field Solutions increase operational efficiency and can be easily leveraged by law enforcement personnel at the scene of a crime.

Cellebrite Kiosk is available as a software solution that you can easily deploy on the hardware of your choice, or as a Turnkey solution from Cellebrite.