Empowering you with powerful and blazingly fast capability to triage suspect computers and hard drives


✓ On-scene triage ✓ Lab-based screening ✓ Intelligence report lookup (NCMEC)


Your dedicated CSAM triage tool. 


Onsite or in lab, it’s fast, reliable and powerful.


Triage doesn’t need to be limited.


  • Automatically identify and categorise CSAM
  • Dynamically search and adjust processing based on live evidence
  • Identify known CSAM on-scene, with multi-database support
  • Detect first-generation CSAM, with AI and instant video sliding in real time


Introducing a new age of fast, reliable, intelligent triage.


  • Phenomenal triage speeds
  • Extensive image and video codec support
  • Real-time results shown on screen
  • Instant video sliding without requiring pre-processing
  • Keyword and social media search
  • Customisable reporting
  • Suspicious app analysis
  • CPS/NCMEC report support


Unmatched speeds, to identify offenders and victims in real time.



Bursting with intelligence


  • Device and serial analysis
  • Nudity analysis
  • E01 parsing support
  • Offline nearby places of interest (e.g. schools)
  • Block hash support
  • Built-in offline
  • virtual assistant, providing text and video training


Reduce the workload, with the worlds most advanced CSAM categoriser AI. Built in, as standard.


Learn more about S21 Auto-Categoriser

Third-party support


Supports the data models of Project VIC and its UK CAID variant, and NCMEC and CPS reporting.


Deployment options


  • Run from a forensic workstation
  • Run on a live suspect device


Successfully deployed across a range of investigation types

  •  Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Human Trafficking
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Border Patrol