Link Analytics

Link Analytics


Connect the dots from all extracted intelligence, both visual and textual. Using our ‘Trace’ feature, you can quickly and effectively identify commonalities such as names, locations, dates and times that connect two entities.


Continuous high-Performance


YOSE automatically extracts intelligence, even from the largest datasets. With a hardware-accelerated link view, you can visualize thousands of entities on the screen at once without being cluttered.


Connect the dots


High-performance visualization


Visualize huge link charts containing billions of entities based on intelligence automatically extracted from text and media.

Trace between entities


Trace between extracted entities, visual or textual, to find the short path between them and to effectively identify commonalities.

Natural Language Processing


With NLP, YOSE can automatically detect intelligence in any material, which you can visualize and connect using a link chart.


  • What can be visualized?

    Textual and visual intelligence extracted from any content (mail, CSV, XLS, images, text documents, and more.) using any method (NLP, OCR, AI).

  • Is it possible to change the graph?

    Yes. You can add to the graph icons, images, maps, timelines, text, arrows, etc.

  • What’s the minimum system requirements?

    Windows 8.1, 64bit, 16 GB of memory, a hardware accelerated graphics card and a multi-core processor.