Media Analytics

Media Analytics


Our solution comes equipped with the latest technology that conducts facial recognition on images and video files.


Identify and extract intelligence


Our highly effective AI-driven technology automatically identifies and extracts intelligence from media files, including vehicle registration numbers, metadata, scene classifications, and object identification.


The latest technology


AI-powered analytics


The embedded engines bring out all intelligence for searching, including face recognition, scene detection, and more.

Videos and images


Our solution is supporting videos and images, and no matter where the media file is found, it will be indexed.

Advanced video analytics


The embedded video player quickly cross-references intelligence such as persons or objects across multiple videos.


  • What File formats are supported?

    Every open image and video format is supported.

  • How many video streams can be visualized in parallel?

    16 streams can be visualized simultaneously but require enough hardware to be able to.

  • What can be searched to find an image or video frame?

    Any text (Free Text OCR), Faces, license plates, intelligence scenes or objects, as well as reverse image/video search.

  • What’s the minimum system requirements?

    Windows 8.1, 64bit, 16 GB of memory, a hardware accelerated graphics card and a multi-core processor.