Nuix Foundations (2-4 August 2021)

Date:2-4 August 2021

Price: $3800 per person

Location: Virtual Instructor Led and/or Classroom, Fyshwick ACT (pending COVID-19 Restrictions)



NUIX Foundations Investigations & Response Training Course

New to Nuix technology? This course is designed for new and existing users who want to explore advanced features of the Nuix Investigator tool.

This three-day training course takes you through how to create cases, process file data and analyze exhibits efficiently. You’ll learn how to create an investigations case and review processing options for ingesting different formats of unstructured data and forensic images.

Nuix Foundations – Investigations & Response is a three-day classroom-based training course intended to take an
examiner new to the Nuix Workstation Investigations & Response tool through techniques in creating cases, processing
file data and analyzing evidence more efficiently. Students will learn all procedures to successfully create an
investigations case and review the many pre-processing options for ingesting different formats of unstructured data
and forensic images. Students will learn the functionality available within the tool to view, search, filter, tag, visualize
and export data for reporting.

PREREQUISITES: To obtain the maximum benefit from this course, participants should meet the following requirements:
perform basic operations on a personal computer, be familiar with Microsoft Windows environments, at least 6 months’.

CLASS MATERIAL: Training manual with lab exercise.


Module C01: Introduction

  • Student introductions
  • ‘Nuix History
  • The Forensic Process
  • Overview of Nuix Technology
  • Product Support Channels
  • Balancing System Resources
  • Installation Options

Module C02: Interfaces, Filters & Basic Searching

  • Nuix Workstation desktop overview
  • Menu items
  • Tab functions
  • Navigation
  • Filtered views
  • Results pane
  • Review pane

Module C03: Cases & Processing

  • Creating a new case
  • Overview of Nuix processing
  • Adding evidence files
  • Configuration for evidence processing

Module C04: Analysis Part 1 – Excluding Irrelevant Artifacts

  • Data Analysis & Culling
  • Custom Metadata Profiles
  • Flagging ignorable items
  • Custodian management
  • Checking items
  • Tagging items

Module C05: Analysis Part 2 – Searching Artifacts in Evidence

  • Basic Searching
  • Fielded Searching
  • Advanced Searching
    • Operators
    • Proximity
    • Range
  • Finding Near Duplicates
  • Word Lists
  • Shingle Lists
  • Saved Searches

Module C06: Exporting & Reporting

  • Preparing tagged items for exporting
  • Export options
  • Applying custom metadata profiles
  • Reporting options
  • Text reports
  • Item reports
  • Graphical reports

Module F01: NUIX Imager

  • Using Nuix Imager
  • Viewing & Culling evidence
  • Image platforms

Module F02: Processing Windows Artifacts

  • Processing common evidence types
  • Graphical files
  • Office documents
  • Email artifacts
  • Windows Recycle Bin

Module F03: Named Entities

  • Review Nuix entities
  • RegEx
    o Basics
    o Searching
  • Default entities
  • Viewing entities results
  • Creating custom entities
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