Why You Want It

OpenText Axcelerate


Quickly find the facts with integrated eDiscovery


OpenText Axcelerate overview


OpenText™ Axcelerate™ is a flexible and powerful end-to-end eDiscovery and investigations platform built around proprietary advanced analytics, machine learning and automation. Axcelerate delivers best-in-class investigative capabilities in a fully integrated, intuitive review interface that helps legal teams get to the facts that matter sooner and inform case strategy.


What is integrated eDiscovery software?


Integrated eDiscovery software enables collection, processing, analysis, classification, review, and production of electronically stored information (ESI) across the entire EDRM in a single solution.


The best integrated eDiscovery software offers advanced analytics, technology-assisted review, rich visualizations and automation to reduce costs and eliminate the risks and costs of using multiple vendors and point solutions.


OpenText Axcelerate features


Integrated data collection and ingestion


Speed time to review with extensive connectors that enable direct collection of highly targeted data sets from a wide range of on-premises and cloud data sources and easy ingestion of content sets.


Proprietary analytics and predictive filters


Surface layers of insight for better coding decisions through advanced text analytics, including automated sentiment and entity identification powered by OpenText™ Magellan™ and predictive filters.


Advanced technology-assisted review


Prioritize the most relevant documents for review, reduce data sets by 80% or more, and achieve higher efficiency and accuracy than alternatives with a continuous machine learning approach.


Early case analysis (ECA)


Offers front-end analytics through OpenText™ Axcelerate™ Investigation for true ECA at the earliest stages of a matter, enabling rapid data insight and faster case strategy and decisions.


Predictive search


Get predictive coding functionality on-the-fly, without the workflow, to immediately find similar documents across the entire data set.


Automated redactions, QC and production wizard


Simplify and de-risk redaction, QC of redaction and production processes with automatic sensitive content bulk redaction, automated QC and simple customizable production workflows.


OpenText Axcelerate benefits


Increase efficiency and lower total cost of review


Maximize efficiency and save costs with powerful integrated analytics and technology-assisted review based on continuous machine learning.


Collect and review across data types


Reduce the risk of missing critical data by collecting across documents, email including PSTs, chat messages, and more.


Lower risk


Automatically redact and protect sensitive information, achieve higher efficiency and accuracy and create customized productions.


Simplify eDiscovery with a single platform


Streamline processes and decrease risks throughout the EDRM, from collection to production, with an integrated solution from a single trusted partner.


Gain earlier insight with ECA


Find the facts, relationships and documents that make or break the case, even prior to review, to make better decisions, sooner.


Maximize resources with flexible deployment


Better manage resources with a range of deployment options—on-premises, on-demand cloud, scalable virtual private cloud, hybrid and portable.