Why You Want It

OpenText Insight Predict


Reduce review costs with continuous active learning


OpenText Insight Predict overview


The OpenText™ Insight Predict module within the Insight eDiscovery and investigation platform provides advanced technology-assisted review for productions, investigations, early case assessment, witness and issue preparation or privilege QC, lowering the total cost of review (TCR) by up to 80 percent.


Predict continuously learns what’s important to the matter and becomes smarter as review progresses. Contextual diversity, a powerful integrated algorithm unique to Insight Predict, eliminates the risk of missing relevant documents.


Why use TAR based on continuous active learning?


Technology-assisted review based on continuous active learning reduces total costs of review by up to 80 percent, saves time, and improves efficiency and accuracy. With continuous active learning, document rankings are continuously updated to take advantage of additional judgments by reviewers in real-time. As training continues the algorithm and document rankings continuously improve so the review team finds relevant documents faster.


OpenText Insight Predict features


Prioritized review


Surfaces documents with similar content for prioritized review in order to accelerate review and reduce worries about missing important documents.


Contextual diversity algorithm


Minimizes the risk of missing relevant data by employing a hyperdiversity algorithm that ensures that no pockets of data are left unexplored.


Continuous active learning


Delivers proven performance superiority over earlier TAR technology by continuously updating and improving document rankings so the review team finds relevant documents faster.


Effective TAR for multi-language review


Prioritizes Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) or other complex multi-language documents minimizing the need for translation or high-cost multilingual reviewers.


OpenText Insight Predict benefits


Save 80% or more on review costs


Put the most relevant documents in reviewers’ hands, fast with an advanced algorithm designed to improve speed and accuracy and reduce costs.


Protect your review


Prevent inadvertent production of privileged documents by using Predict to improve QC accuracy and efficiency.


Create smarter searches


Build more effective and comprehensive searches using Predict’s algorithm, resulting in more relevant documents found and irrelevant documents ignored.


Conduct more surgical investigations


Explore and find patterns in data—streamlining and expediting internal compliance investigations to ensure effective and efficient responses.


Gain a strategic advantage


Get an earlier understanding of the case and potential exposure by using Predict to identify additional key documents for early analysis and review.


Accelerate review


Uncover relevant documents faster than first-generation technology-assisted review systems with continuous active learning.