Why You Want It

OpenText Insight


Lower the total cost of review and optimize results


OpenText Insight overview


The demands of today’s litigation, investigations and compliance matters require advanced tools to minimize costs and risks and maximize success. The OpenText™ Insight eDiscovery document review and analysis platform is built for accelerating document review projects of all sizes. Insight is packed with features to automate the review process—saving costs and finding the important data sooner.


What is an eDiscovery document review platform?


eDiscovery document review and analysis platforms help legal teams find, analyze, review, classify and produce electronically stored information (ESI) for litigation, investigations, regulatory compliance and other legal matters.


Advanced machine learning and eDiscovery data analytics reduce review costs, minimize data volumes, enhance efficiency and speed access to relevant information.


OpenText Insight features


Technology-assisted review


Offers flexible proportionate TAR, including OpenText™ Insight Predict with continuous active learning for up to 80% savings, and Cut Point Review simple active learning for second requests and third-party subpoenas.


Lightning fast multi-modal search


Speeds review with maximum search power, even for complex field and text searches against tens or hundreds of millions of documents. Complex searches run at sub-second speeds.


Visual analytics and social networking


Provides intuitive visuals to reveal important documents with real-time graphs, charts, timelines and social networks.


Multi-matter management and data reuse


Centralizes discovery documents for greater control and automation, coding synchronization across cases and counsel, repeatability across matters and a faster path to production with OpenText™ Insight Enterprise.


Automated data detection and redaction


Identifies patterns and redacts sensitive content in documents, including mass redaction, text-select redaction and pattern redaction, to protect data and reduce the overall time and cost of review.


Multi-language capabilities


Enables processing, searching and review in more than 280 languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Arabic and Hebrew.


OpenText Insight benefits


Earlier insight


Find the key documents faster with analytics, high-speed multi-modal search and technology-assisted review for projects of any complexity and scope.


Better results


Conduct better QC and reduce risks of inconsistent coding or inadvertent production with advanced analytics and Predict technology-assisted review.


Faster review


Maximize ease and efficiency of review with automated review workflows. Easily organize review teams and set up users, review stages and workflow rules.


Take control


Remain in control of projects with easy to use self-service administration and support. Get the control of a local appliance without the headaches.