Why You Want It

OpenText Legal Hold


Automate litigation holds in the cloud


OpenText Legal Hold overview


OpenText™ Legal Hold is a simple, powerful cloud-based litigation hold notification software that helps law departments comply with legal hold obligations, be more efficient, and automate time-consuming and risky manual processes.


Legal Hold automates interrelated litigation hold activities to drive greater efficiency among legal, HR, compliance and IT teams.


What is Legal Hold software?


Legal holds arise from the duty to preserve information for pending or reasonably anticipated litigation. Once litigation is contemplated, individuals and organizations have a legal obligation to prevent deletion and preserve potentially relevant data while the litigation hold is in place.


Modern litigation hold software automates the interrelated legal hold, data preservation and collection activities. These solutions automate processes, speed access to relevant information and reduce reliance on IT teams.


OpenText Legal Hold features


Legal hold issuance and tracking


Generate, distribute and enforce legal hold notices with minimal effort.


Employee questionnaires


Create and manage web-based employee and custodian interviews with suggested expert questions, templates and control tracking.


Expert processes


Quickly configure litigation hold workflows and options with wizard-style screens for users and administrators.


Integration with IT and HR systems


Connect to data across all enterprise systems, including internal email and HR applications, Sharepoint sites and Microsoft® Office 365.


Automated enterprise triggers


Automate IT task suspensions in accordance with email and data retention policies.


Defensible tracking and audit trails


Get complete tracking and audit trails for every action to ensure defensibility of process, from initial notices through closing the legal hold.


OpenText Legal Hold benefits


Increase efficiency


Automate and centralize litigation hold notification processes via a single platform.


Minimize risk


Drive error-free defensible litigation hold processes with automation and workflows, eliminating risky manual processes.


Use for all your legal matters


Get expert suggestions and workflows for civil actions, regulatory requests, internal investigations, labor and employment and more.


Lower litigation hold notification costs


Reduce time and costs of managing legal hold notifications with cloud-based deployment, eliminating CapEx and OpEx.


Apply workflows to meet specific requirements


Create workflows with an intuitive user interface and wizard-style screens to configure workflows and options tailored to matter requirements.