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Atola SAS Extension

Atola Technology SAS Extension

SAS extension


DiskSense 2 hardware unit was designed with the ability to be enhanced with hardware add-ons in mind. There is a PCI Express port on its back panel, which is labeled as EXTENSION. It allows to connect any Atola hardware extension modules.

Atola Insight Forensic allows to run most operations for a SAS drive plugged into DiskSense 2:


  • Imaging at 800 MB/s
  • Diagnostics, media scan
  • Damaged drive support
  • Hash calculation and verification
  • Wiping
  • Write protection
  • Device utilities: disk editor, file recovery, compare (with pattern, image file or drives) etc.
  • Current sensing, short circuit and overvoltage protection
  • Hotplug for SAS drives
There are a few functions that are not available for SAS drives by their nature: Host Protected Area (HPA), Device Configuration Overlay (DCO), Security Features, and SSD Trim. Firmware recovery is also not supported.