Social Media Intelligence & Investigation


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Social Media Intelligence & Investigation

Social Media Intelligence (SMI or SOCMINT) is processed information, sourced from online social platforms and applications that facilitate and enable the collecting, monitoring, and analysis of up-to-date online sentiment and social commentary. The rich and varied information available from social platforms may be live or historical, opinion or fact, text or multi-media, proprietary or crowd-sourced; depending on the data provided by each source, and an investigator’s ability to cross-reference the data across platforms and tools, a comprehensive profile of an individual, location, or event can often be built quickly and accurately.


To recognize, collect, and leverage the value of social platform-sourced information, research and investigative professionals must fully understand the limitations, restrictions, and legal implications of obtaining, and utilizing, such information in a manner that user privacy expectations, license agreements, and other legal limitations are not violated.


Social Media Intelligence & Investigation will introduce research and investigative professionals to a variety of essential tools and techniques necessary to locate, collect, and utilize social platform-sourced information, and introduce investigators to the considerations and implications of leveraging this type of information safely and appropriately.


Learn About

  • A variety of popular social networks and online communities
  • Effective cross-platform search techniques
  • Tools and resources for mining social intelligence
  • Identifying and critically evaluating information available from social platforms
  • Determining the reliability of shared content
  • Linking people, places, and things
  • User profiling, including usernames and pseudonyms
  • Using geo-location tools, such as geofencing and location-based search, to locate real-time and historical posts
  • Investigating posted images and videos
  • Live social media monitoring tools
  • Relevant legislation, case law, and policy
  • Privacy-awareness and how to protect your own online information
  • Best practices for documenting social platform-sourced content



CDFS reserves the right to cancel this class due to either insufficient enrolment and/or unforeseen difficulties arising from the delivery.

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