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Summation® is the only all-inclusive, web-based legal review platform that provides teams with a single tool for managing all post-collection stages of e-discovery. Powered by trusted FTK® processing technology, Summation combines processing, review and case organization into a single product for the most cost-effective, accelerated e-discovery possible. And because Summation utilizes a single shared, forensically secure backend database, data never has to move throughout the e-discovery process, reducing risk of data loss and spoliation.

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Summation is all-inclusive, so there are no up-charges or add-ons for modules. And automatic ‘predictive coding’ functionality is integrated directly into Summation. This eliminates the need to put reviewer eyes on every document to find the most relevant set, which dramatically reduces review time and cost.

Only AccessData has LawDrop™, which simplifies how you import information into Summation. The simple drag-and-drop functionality of LawDrop helps to reduce mistakes and is a feature anyone can use. When combined with our intuitive visualization tools for analyzing data, Summation is the tool for teams of all skill levels.

Summation combines full-strength data processing, early case assessment and final review features into a single platform—eliminating the need for iterative processing, data loading and multiple review cycles.


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Powered by trusted FTK processing technology, Summation utilizes a single shared, forensically secure backend database, so data never has to be moved throughout the e-discovery process, reducing the risk of data loss and spoliation.

Features Built Around You

Drag & Drop Data Uploading with LawDrop

The drag-and-drop functionality of LawDrop allows you to quickly and effortlessly upload files to Summation for processing and review.

  • No set limit on the size of data uploads.
  • Manage project evidence files without the need to access the file system on the Summation server.
  • Give access to users who don’t have permissions to the server’s file system to add files to a project or access exported files, facilitating collaboration.