Touch2 Ruggedized

Touch2 Ruggerized


Portable, fast, and built to withstand the toughest conditions, the Touch2 Ruggedized features the latest collection capabilities of the Touch2 in a sturdier silicone case with an embedded camera, GPS and stronger WiFi. Equip your examiners and investigators with the Touch2 Ruggedized to collect device data in the most demanding lab or field environments.


The Touch2 Ruggedized is available with UFED Ultimate software and comes with a forensic accessory kit, designed to support your investigation. View call logs, images, videos, and other key logical data directly from the Touch2 Ruggedized at the point of collection to quickly assess the evidence. Eliminate the risk of cross-contaminating data when you collect it quickly and securely within a closed environment, separate from other applications. With fast computing power, enhanced battery life and a ready-for-anything tough exterior, the Touch2 Ruggedized let you reliably collect forensically sound data, no matter where the case takes you.


  • 1024 high resolution, multi-touch display
  • Built-in multi-SIM reader
  • USB 3.1 phase 1 auxiliaries (Up to 5Mbps)
  • Wi-Fi bgnac (up to 350 Mbps)
  • Large and fast hard drive (SSD 128GB)
  • Customized Windows 10


Cellebrite Digital Forensic Kit


  • Tip & Cable Set
  • Tip & Cable Organizer
  • UFED Memor y Card Reader
  • Multi SIM Adapter
  • UFED SIM ID Cloning Cards
  • Micro SIM ID Cloning Cards
  • Nano SIM ID Cloning Cards
  • Phone Power-up Cable
  • Cleaning Brush for Phone Connectors
  • Tip Velcro Strap
  • Spare Tips Cartridge
  • USB Flash Drive
  • USB Extension Power-up Cable

*Optional UFED Camera