Griffeye Processing Engine

Griffeye Processing Engine

Griffeye Processing Engine


A Griffeye Analyze solution


For forensic examiners working with an automated approach.


Streamlined workflow from extraction to case analysis

In a time when forensic backlogs continue to grow and exponentially higher volumes of data are being seized, it’s critical for examiners and collaborating units to have tools that support automated workflows and help maximize their productivity.

Griffeye Processing Engine supports an efficient workflow between units. It’s specifically designed for examiners who work with extraction and case creation, and want to ease the transfer of cases to the investigations unit, so the work can be carried forward in Analyze DI Pro.

Griffeye Processing Engine




Automatically locate and extract images and videos from numerous digital media devices and forensic image formats.



Let the Griffeye Processing Engine run smoothly on a separate machine to process a case while you proceed to the next one.



Streamline the entire process, from extraction, processing and case creation, to handover to an investigator working in DI Pro.


Griffeye Processing Engine includes


Lace Carver Extraction Tool

With BlueBear’s LACE Carver integrated into the Analyze Processing Engine, data is automatically extracted from the device and imported directly into the Griffeye Analyze platform as part of the same process.


Griffeye Intelligence Database

Working in Analyze DI Pro, you are able to connect to multiple shared databases to interconnect with other investigators internationally, nationally, between districts, and within teams.


Griffeye Brain (AI)

Automatically detect and classify various objects in large image sets as well as identify and flag images and videos depicting child sexual abuse content to tell whether a file is pertinent to the investigation or not.


Griffeye User Portal

MyGriffeye is the gateway to a large community of users, developers and other stakeholders. Exchange advice with fellow users, provide feedback on the platform, and take advantage of the Griffeye Analyze Online Education.