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Information Capture and Extraction

Information Capture and Data Extraction


Optimize data quality, accuracy and insight for any organization




OpenText™ Information Capture and Data Extraction solutions serve as the ingestion points for documents as they enter the business. Leveraging OCR, ICR, validation and other capture techniques, the solutions automate information extraction and transform documents and data into usable formats for downstream systems, people and processes.


How Information Capture and Data Extraction can benefit business


  • Make information accessible
    Transform documents and data into actionable content for systems and business processes.
  • Analyze and process unstructured information
    Convert unstructured information into data that can be understood by business systems to provide competitive insights.
  • Drastically reduce manual data entry
    Automate manual processes across applications for greater efficiency and reduced operational costs.
  • Automatically initiate workflows
    Initiate business workflows in downstream applications via straight through capture automation.

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Streamline workflows and unlock the full potential of documents with automated capture and data extraction solutions that transform documents and data to be used in other solutions.