Investigation Control

NIMBUS provides total control and oversight to any investigation allowing USERS, PROCESS & TECHNOLOGY to seamlessly work together within the connected fabric of THE INVESTIGATION PLATFORM.


Case Management

Digital & Traditional case management

Solving everyday case management problems surrounding integrity, efficiency, evidence tracking, asset management, full management reporting and by combing solutions into a simple and intuitive user experience seamlessly integrating with all NIMBUS modules.


Packed with features including:

  • Management dashboards
  • Fully audited
  • Secured by roles & permissions
  • Portal submissions
  • Cases / operations
  • Forensic submissions
  • Request queues
  • Exhibit management & chain of custody tracking
  • Contemporaneous notes
  • and more

Orchestration & Automation

Orchestration & Automation Platform

Visually digitise standard operating procedures, lab workflows or any playbook with ease allowing integration with forensic technologies, digital or traditional or external data sources. Orchestrate multiple automations, queue, prioritise, status controlled, workflow within workflow fully audited and reportable.


Packed with features including:

  • Visual workflow builder
  • Digitise standard operating procedures
  • Build in draft, certify, release to general use
  • Unit sustainability
  • Repeatable outcomes
  • Unlimited workflows
  • Chain workflows within workflow
  • Prioritise, pause and queue
  • Integrate with leading forensic tools
  • and more

Quality Management System

Integrated Quality Management System

QMS aligns all the necessary areas to drive accreditation to any ISO standard or equivalent international standard. Manage and control your business performance, data and risks using our integrated quality management modules, non-conformance, actions, assets and more. When combined with NIMBUS CM it accelerates and governs the ability to obtain and maintain ISO accreditation, whilst removing administrative burdens associated to siloed systems.


Packed with features including:

  • Full audit management
  • Document control
  • Non conformance
  • Corrective preventative and improvement actions
  • Feedback
  • Proficiency tests
  • Staffing management
  • Standards
  • Quality management reviews
  • and more

Investigation Management

Organised & Complex Investigation Lifecycle Platform

Streamline complex Investigations by harnessing the Governance, Case Management, Quality Management, Orchestration and combine them with full disclosure management, Document Review and mark up, Actions management, Case analytics, Configurable Dashboards and management reporting to unravel any complexity in the investigation along with full disclosure review and Digital Case file production.


Packed with features including:

  • Investigative case management
  • Live feedback from the investigation team
  • Connect all disciplines in the investigation together
  • My work folder
  • Global instant notifications
  • Global action view across all cases
  • My pocket notebook mobile app
  • Mobile crime scene investigator ability
  • Authorities module
  • and more


Forensic requests submitted from anywhere on any platform

The NIMBUS portal is an advanced configurable two-way electronic mobile submission management and production system for compiling, publishing, importing, and reviewing forensic case submissions. Remote users can add a case, build submissions to NIMBUS Core for authorisation, enter evidence, notes, and scene information with an on or offline capability with no need for a heavy local application install.


Packed with features including:

  • Auto offline mode
  • Scalable & lightweight
  • Mobile friendly
  • Two way forensic submission process
  • Add new case
  • Auto draft save
  • Configurable workflow
  • Exhibit creation
  • Offline notes
  • and more

NIMBUS Cloud & SaaS

Instant and flexible deployment

Leverage the power, resilience, and speed of deployment of NIMBUS in the cloud environment of your choice as a true SaaS offering. Managed by an industry leading service delivery model, BlackRainbow removes the risk and complication of an on premise installation whilst delivering full functionality in an accelerated way.


Packed with features including:

  • Scalable
  • Responsive
  • On demand
  • ITIL Framework
  • Service delivery
  • Full NIMBUS functionality
  • Disaster recovery
  • Load balanced
  • Performance managed
  • No infrastructure worries

NIMBUS Intelligence

Intelligence when you need it

NIMBUS intelligence management and orchestration allows the ability to instigate, integrate or ‘reach out’ to the relevant intelligence resource needed for that stage of the investigation. It may be that OSINT, Dark web, local digital media seizure, external threat feeds, case metadata or external database information is needed to assist with the next stage of the investigation, NIMBUS manages the flow, automates workflow and notifications on watchlists and aggregates all of the intelligence in an authorised and auditable way.


Packed with features including:

  • Intelligence generation
  • The right intelligence at the right time
  • Dark web
  • Data aggregation
  • Digital evidence intelligence
  • Corroboration
  • Intelligence lifecycle integrity
  • Threat intelligence
  • Platform integration

NIMBUS Incident Response Lifecycle Management Platform

Total Security Operations Management

BlackRainbow’s incident response lifecycle management platform accelerates the incident response lifecycle, it is the connecting fabric for security infrastructure and teams. It offers entire incident management, intelligent automation and orchestration and interactive investigation. The platform has a focus on customisability and collaboration. This solution is available as a SaaS cloud-based solution, or it can be deployed on premise.


Packed with features including:

  • Playbook driven response
  • Threat management
  • Incident actions & investigation
  • Security orchestration & automation
  • Security & forensics technology integration
  • Visualisation across investigations, indicators, reports and evidence
  • Customisable playbook portfolio
  • Real-time collaborative investigations into threats
  • Incident tracking & evidence with analytics and metrics
  • Collaborative platform