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Personalization and Orchestration

Personalization and Orchestration


Build personalized experiences and communications to boost conversion rates and retention




Create personalized customer experiences that convert more often and boost retention by leveraging customer profiles and mapped customer journeys built from both first party and audience data.  Delight customers with the right message, at the right time and in the right place consistently across channels.


How Personalization and Orchestration can benefit business


  • Enhance OpenText TeamSite and OpenText Exstream
    Provide rich and relevant customer experiences through OpenText™ TeamSite™ and enable targeted communications through OpenText™ Exstream™.
  • Increase conversion rates through personalization
    Personalize communications to ensure relevance and achieve greater returns on marketing efforts.
  • Centralize customer data management
    Unify customer data across marketing, communications and customer service for more consistent, compelling messages and experiences.
  • Aggregate audience data
    Combine audience data from disparate sources, such as Google Analytics™ and Google BigQuery™ and serve tailored experiences specific to those audiences with the Experience Platform.
  • Orchestrate journeys
    Automate next actions based on customer behaviors for greater relevance and efficiency across all channels throughout the journey.

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Break down silos, make sense of first party data and unlock journey insights to stay relevant, increase conversion rates and deliver consistent experiences across every touch point.