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Engage customers, build brands, and reduce costs with a simple, secure digital asset management leader



Rich media assets, such as images, videos and audio, cross every boundary of communication, from product marketing to internal training and operations support. OpenText™ Rich Media Asset solutions help efficiently and cohesively manage the ever-increasing formats and use cases to maintain brand consistency, increase customer loyalty and enhance employee experiences. OpenText is an innovation leader in the digital asset management (DAM) space. See why global analyst Omdia recognized OpenText as a 2023-2024 leader.


How OpenText Rich Media Asset solutions can benefit business


  • Speed content creation
    Accelerate digital media development and use with optimized collaboration capabilities, advanced reviewing features and intelligent insights.
  • Drive brand consistency
    Establish a unified, global presence with consistent use of logos, templates and imagery.
  • Build for the future
    Scalable to handle ever-increasing volumes, types and sources of media and ensure assets are centrally managed and easily accessible.
  • Reduce risk and cost
    Standardize business processes to improve efficiency and reduce the risk of reputational, legal and brand damage.
  • Deliver media at scale
    Dynamic media delivery for all experiences and geographies with full governance and control.
  • Integrated A/B testing
    Gain insights and optimize digital experiences with assets proven to generate engagement and response.

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OpenText offers a variety of enterprise-grade solutions to manage asset lifecycles, improve collaboration and optimize experiences.