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Break down silos, understand data and unlock customer insights to improve customer experience quality and increase revenues




OpenText™ data and insights solutions provide a complete 360-degree view into customer patterns, preferences and behaviors to deliver personalized and differentiated customer experiences. The solutions help organizations capture, aggregate and analyze customer data, profiles and signals throughout the entire buying journey and across all customer touchpoints.


How Experience Data & Insights can benefit business


Discover the advantages of using customer data insights


  • Gain customers for life
    Leverage powerful analytics and AI to gain deep insights that enhance the understanding of customers, enabling better service, increased satisfaction and ongoing loyalty.
  • Capture data across all customer touchpoints
    Aggregate all customer experience data across every touchpoint and interaction within a single system, eliminating silos and centralizing governance.
  • Get actionable insights
    Analyze the entire customer journey and uncover insights on customer patterns, preferences and behaviors to trigger actions that improve experiences, satisfaction and spend.
  • Adapt more easily
    Get ahead of the competition with continuous data insights to react to changing customer preferences and expectations faster.
  • Improve visibility and decision making
    Delve deep into massive amounts of data with self-service and smart insights powered by advanced artificial intelligence.
  • Personalize customer experiences
    Apply customer data insights to deliver the right message at the right time and through the right channel.

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Gather, organize, curate and analyze customer experience data from various systems and multiple touchpoints to better understand customer behavior, determine actions and achieve results.