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Blancco Autopilot Detection

Blancco Autopilot Detection


Protect against needless data leakage post-processing


How It Works


Stop device re-enrollments


Confirm the presence of Unified Endpoint Management Enrollments (UEMEs), such as Autopilot or InTune, within a given asset, checking for previous enrollments before that asset goes through the recycling processes

Protect your assets


Ensure your processed assets do not re-enter the market at the risk of the UEME re-downloading sensitive data, whether during reconnection to the internet or to other networks, public or private.



Close the loop on drives and devices post-erasure processing with a solution no other competitor offers with such a simple and efficient set-up.


Key Benefits

What can Blancco Autopilot Detection do?


  • Detect and isolate assets running the risk of containing retrievable user data
  • Give ITADs a full view of data assets and know what can be/is erased “once and for all”
  • Protect corporate reputations and guarantee customer confidence in the security of user data
  • Return assets to the circular market as quickly as possible