eDiscovery Services

At CDFS, we offer comprehensive e-discovery services that streamline the identification, collection, processing, and analysis of electronic data for legal cases. Our team employs advanced tools and methodologies to ensure data integrity and confidentiality throughout the e-discovery lifecycle. We gather electronically stored information (ESI) from various sources, including emails, databases, cloud storage, mobile devices, and social media platforms. CDFS adopts defensible data collection tools, our process ensures thorough and accurate data capture while preserving metadata. During the data processing stage, we organise, and filter collected data to remove duplicates and irrelevant information, leveraging advanced capabilities to ensure consistency, readability, and efficiency.

Our review platform allows legal teams to examine processed data, identifying relevant documents and privileged information using AI model capabilities, including predictive coding and concept clustering. In the production phase, we prepare reviewed data for delivery to stakeholders, ensuring compliance with Australian production standards and maintaining data integrity. Our services include data preservation, robust security measures, and adherence to Australian privacy laws and regulations. By integrating cutting-edge technology, we deliver efficient, reliable, and legally sound e-discovery services, supporting external professional clients in managing complex data reviews and legal cases.



We collect electronically stored information (ESI) from emails, databases, cloud storage, mobile devices, and social media. Using advanced techniques and specialised tools, we ensure data integrity, accuracy, and readiness for legal review, supporting thorough eDiscovery.


In the processing stage, data is organised and filtered to remove duplicates and irrelevant information, enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Automated data ingestion, support for various sources and formats, and data normalisation ensure consistency. Advanced filtering and de-duplication streamline workflows, reducing data volume and ensuring accurate eDiscovery.


The review platform features AI-powered analytics, predictive coding, concept clustering, advanced visualisation tools, enhanced search, integrated document review, robust redaction, scalable cloud-based architecture, security, compliance, user-friendly interface, customisable dashboards, real-time collaboration, and detailed reporting. Continuous learning and updates ensure efficiency and effectiveness for legal teams.

Advanced Analytics / AI Modelling

The AI modelling service uses machine learning to analyse and categorise large data volumes. Algorithms identify patterns, trends, and anomalies, providing critical insights. Advanced adaptive models continuously learn and improve, streamlining document review, uncovering hidden connections, and delivering accurate results, ensuring clients benefit from AI-driven eDiscovery advancements.


The production phase prepares reviewed data for delivery to stakeholders, ensuring it meets accuracy and reliability standards. Advanced tools format and export data per Australian standards, maintaining integrity and chain of custody. The services guarantee precise, complete, and compliant documentation for legal and regulatory bodies.

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