Digital Forensic Services

We provide high quality and efficient Digital Forensic services for the identification, preservation and analysis of electronic evidence, case assistance, through to search warrant reporting and court presentation. Our team takes an integrated approach to Digital Forensics to unearth information that would otherwise been missed if a singular approach was applied.

Our incidence response team employs triage and early case assessment techniques to identify threats quickly and effectively. We then review and analyse an organisation’s electronic discovery risk and design strategies to identify, collect, and review data in a cost effective and legally defensible manner.

We are experienced in creating bespoke preparation and response services to meet the needs of organisations facing matters involving electronically stored information and digital forensic investigations. We have created unique solutions for several law enforcement agencies and government departments to tackle their respective digital forensic and investigative issues, including establishing and/or augmenting their existing capabilities and know-how.

Computer Forensics

Our team of experts will investigate and analyse your computer in a forensically sound manner.

Phone Forensics

Our expert team will help you uncover crucial evidence from any mobile phone device.

Digital Forensic Collections

Electronic information is not only found in computers, phones and hard drives. As experts, we perform digital forensic collections from the last places you would think of, including IoT devices, security footage, access logs, printer logs, photo copying records and even cars and boats.

Case Assessment

Coming to us in the beginning of a case is essential for identifying relevant electronically stored information which can assist in your legal cases. We shall support you in evaluating the risks and any potential costs from the beginning, which can shape strategy and minimise cost.


Processing, Analysing and Consulting

We provide detailed processing and analysis on all collected data and information based findings and conclusions. These are explained thoroughly so they can be presented in court in compliance with the Experts Code of Conduct if requested.

Discovery and Reports

We cover all bases when it comes to the best fit for your case and legal team, this consists of the following; eDiscovery, Digitalisation of paper documents, documents coding, On-Line Review and Data Hosting.