SVR for Honeywell

SVR for Honeywell


SVR for Honeywell is a professional, efficient surveillance video recovery program, for Honeywell surveillance file loss, mis-deletion, mis-formatting, file in overwritten and other situations.


Support Honeywell DVR/NVR


Supports video recovery of various Honeywell surveillance video recorder


Fragment Files Reconstruction

The software can reconstruct the fragmented files in the hard drive of the surveillance video recorder, to extract and play the videos.


Preview Recovered Video

SVR for Honeywell has a professional video player built in to preview recovered videos before exporting them.


Directly Access Disks of Surveillance Video Recorder

Support recovery of video data directly from the faulty surveillance video recorder and bypass any system password.


Support Video Recovery in Various Scenarios

The video can be effectively recovered in case of file loss, mis-deletion, mis-formatting, file overwritten and hacker damage etc.


Video Distribution Analysis

User can quickly analyze the video distribution on a disk and select a specific disk sector for scanning, effectively saving the scanning time.


Scan History

After scanning the surveillance video recorders, the system automatically saves the scan history. User can directly view the scan results next time to avoid repeated scanning.


Time Correction

The date and time of the video can be corrected in the software, easy to use.


Assistant Functions

Videos can be filtered by the start time, end time, and channel ID. Videos can be sorted by file name, size, start time, end time, and channel ID. The first frame image of the channel can be obtained to identify the content of the channel quickly.