Magnet One

Magnet One for:




Magnet One makes creating and collaborating on cases easier than ever, reducing the amount of time investigators spend waiting for results from the digital forensics lab.


  • Reduce time waiting for exam results
  • Easily collaborate with digital forensics labs securely, anywhere
  • Know where a case is at with status updates




Magnet One is an examiner’s one-stop-shop for all the DFIR tools that they need for every step of an examination, from device access all the way through to creating reports.


  • Easily share findings with investigators
  • Get exposure to evidence from other cases/agencies that can help move a case forward
  • Eliminate manual “button pushing” processes


Lab Managers


Magnet One gives DFIR lab managers the insight needed to create efficiencies in the DFIR lab that result in faster and more cost-effective investigations.


  • Easily assign case work and see case progress across the lab
  • Demonstrate the value of the lab with readily available lab metrics and analytics
  • Bring together best-in-class DFIR tools in one platform


Command Staff


Magnet One is a powerful platform that saves you time and money by enabling collaboration, accountability, and efficiency to take action and expedite digital forensic investigations.


  • Get cost savings from more efficient and less resource-intensive investigations
  • Serve justice faster by speeding up case closure
  • Improve community relations and public trust




Prosecutors use Magnet One to easily access digital evidence and collaborate on reports, giving them the confidence needed to make their case in court and reach settlements quickly.


  • Review all your digital evidence together in one intuitive platform
  • Ensure evidence integrity and chain of custody are upheld
  • Collaborate with examiners and investigators on reports in real-time



Key benefits


Close cases faster by uniting your DFIR tools with one cloud platform


Magnet One is the only digital forensics platform that will unite all your digital forensics solutions across your entire workflow resulting in faster investigations. Maximize the power of connectivity with Magnet One. The more tools you integrate, the greater the rewards of enhanced efficiency and collaboration, propelling your agency forward.


Get everyone on the same page with real-time collaboration


Empower your team with real-time visibility into case progress, minimizing communication hurdles and maximizing productivity. Magnet One streamlines your workflows effortlessly and fosters seamless collaboration among examiners, investigators, prosecutors, command staff, and agency leadership.


The Magnet One Hub: One secure cloud access point for all investigative stakeholders


The Magnet One Hub enables examiners, investigators, prosecutors, and agency leadership to efficiently collaborate, in ways that will save time and money, regardless of their locations. In addition to real-time stakeholder collaboration and personalized case views, the Magnet One Hub includes evidence storage, intuitive case management, actionable insights, and case metrics.


AI, machine learning, and automation synchronize data and strengthen case outcomes


Experience seamless data processing and effortless uploads with our automation technology. With Magnet One, digital evidence flows smoothly across your whole workflow enabling swift analysis and reporting like never before.


Unmatched access and extraction of data no matter where it is


Magnet One enables you to get access to the data that you need wherever it is. The variety of data sources—including mobile devices, computers, cloud apps, CCTV & other video footage, and more—means that you need a set of comprehensive tools working together unlocking access to the data.