OpenText EnCase Mobile Investigator

OpenText EnCase Mobile Investigator


View, analyze and report on mobile evidence involved in an investigation



of the world’s population owns a smartphone


OpenText™ EnCase™ Mobile Investigator enables investigators to easily analyze, review and report on mobile device evidence relevant to their case.


Why choose OpenText EnCase Mobile Investigator?


  • Budget-friendly mobile investigation capabilities

    Leverage competitive investigation features at significantly lower prices to minimize budget impacts at law enforcement agencies, government agencies and corporations.

  • Modern user interface

    Utilize workflows that enable review of both parsed and unparsed applications with an interface that models how data should appear from a mobile perspective.

  • Cloud investigation capabilities

    Find evidence in the most popular cloud-based applications, such as Facebook, Twitter and Amazon, at no additional cost.

How EnCase Mobile Investigator can benefit business


Discover the advantages of using EnCase Mobile Investigator.


  • Collect evidence from anywhere

    Confidently capture evidence on any mobile device with support for cell phones, GPS and other IoT-associated devices.

  • Operate within a single framework

    Review, analyze, bookmark and report on all relevant mobile evidence within a single framework to accelerate investigations.

  • Capture any evidence type

    Collect text messages, call records, photos and application data from iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry devices to comprehensively examine a suspect device.

  • Create meaningful reports

    Share findings clearly with other investigators, law enforcement, HR, IT and security using a variety of reporting options.



  • Embedded bypass capabilities

    Recovers hidden or inaccessible evidence with built-in bypass functions that can unlock any device.

  • Optical character recognition (OCR)

    Leverages keyword searches to locate, extract and analyze graphic file text data for a comprehensive view of the evidence.

  • Expression review

    Locates credit cards, e-mail addresses and phone numbers apart of the investigative process.

  • International language support

    Conveniently analyzes and reports on evidence in an investigator’s preferred language, including Spanish, French, Polish, Chinese and English.

  • Activity timeline

    Identifies and highlights high-activity locations and behavior patterns to help narrow an investigation’s focus.

  • Comprehensive data source support

    Captures the widest variety of evidence types, including SQLite, Plists, archives, PDF and HTML.