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We’re excited to announce a training partnership between CDFS and Arrpwere.

CBIT Digital Forensics Services (CDFS) is Australia’s leading provider of digital forensic tools, e-discovery resources, and specialised training for Law Enforcement, Government, and Corporate sectors. Offering courses in Digital Forensics, Data Recovery, and e-Discovery, CDFS also operates cbit Academy, a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 45817), which provides the nationally recognised Certificate IV qualifications.

Digital Forensics is pivotal for enhancing cybersecurity and analysing electronic data for authenticity and potential misuse. This discipline emphasises the importance of technology in maintaining safety, integrity, and accountability in our digital age. As an RTO, we offer comprehensive training in these niche areas, with applications spanning from Cybersecurity to data analysis.

You might wonder, how is a Digital Forensics course relevant to my career?

Digital forensics expertise is increasingly vital in today’s digital-centric business landscape. Such training can greatly elevate a consultant’s career, extending beyond traditional crime investigations. It enables effective response to cyber breaches, ensures efficient data recovery, and supports e-discovery in legal scenarios. These skills are essential for government data analysis, audits, compliance, corporate investigations, and M&A due diligence. Essentially, digital forensics makes consultants invaluable across various sectors.

CDFS and Arrpwere are seeking expressions of interest for any of the courses offered by CDFS and CBIT Academy. While our courses typically range from 2 to 5 days and have set sessions available on our website, if there’s substantial interest in a specific course, CDFS is open to designing a tailored program to accommodate your busy schedule, ensuring minimal disruption to your workday. 

Digital Forensics & Data Analysis 101

4 Day Instructor Led

  • Dive deep into Digital Forensics and master the art of collecting and analysing digital evidence efficiently. Navigate through the intricacies of digital evidence sources such as computers, smartphones, and cloud platforms. Get hands-on with the newest forensic tools and methodologies.
  • This course isn’t merely theoretical. By its conclusion, you’ll possess the practical skills and insights required to uphold the integrity of digital evidence from collection to examination, while also addressing the ethical implications of managing sensitive data.

DFIR Foundations

3 Day Instructor Led

  • Cyberattacks have become common in our interconnected world. In the past, a response to such incidents would focus on simply ensuring the attacker is quickly removed and rebuild any compromised systems as quickly as possible. But with the proliferation more sophisticated threat actors employing ever more complex attack vectors, there is a need to perform deeper forensic analysis to determine the exact attack methodologies as well as to harden target systems from future attempts.
  • Foundations equips practitioners with a grounding in both incident response and digital forensics so they may better understand how these disciplines can work together to solve complex cybersecurity problems. The course blends theory with practical case studies allowing students to apply their newfound knowledge, analysing evidence of attacks with realistic data sets and tools.

SOC-Class – Security Operations Centre

4 Day Instructor Led

  • This course offers an in-depth view of a Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC or SOC). We address the essential technology for running a SOC in a vendor-neutral manner, catering to both constrained and expansive budgets. The necessary staff roles are outlined, along with strategies for internal training and information sharing. The course delves into the interplay between different functional areas and the data they exchange. Coordinating processes among technology, SOC staff, and the broader business are also highlighted.
  • By the end of this session, participants will have a clear roadmap, to guide the process for organisations aiming to bolster their security operations.

M365 & Google Vault E-Discovery and Digital Forensics Training

4 Day instructor led

  • This course has been tailored to address the unique needs of Digital Forensic and eDiscovery teams. Developed under the guidance of seasoned industry professionals, this curriculum offers comprehensive insights into harnessing the power of M365 and Google Data Analysis for eDiscovery and Digital Forensic purposes.
  • Learn how to extract data from Microsoft and Google Services and hone your skills to serve both legal and investigative objectives with finesse. Our instructors will guide you through the intricacies of these platforms, ensuring you navigate them with confidence.

Introduction to E-Discovery and Digital Evidence

5 Day instructor led

  • Gain an understanding of Electronic Discovery, starting with an introduction to discovery in Australian civil litigation and the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM). You will learn about the complexities of electronic data, including data storage media and metadata, and practice identifying digital storage media and working with metadata.
  • This class will also cover the critical role of processing in electronic discovery, including encoding, steganography, and data mapping. You will learn about opportunities and obstacles related to electronic discovery from mobile devices, preserving social media content as evidence, and using search protocols to hone your search skills.
  • By the end of the class, you will have knowledge on how to handle sensitive data with care, maintain the integrity of digital evidence, and comply with electronic discovery rules and protocols.

Cert IV Qualifications

Up to 6 months mix of online and instructor led training.

  • cbit Academy is also a Registered Training Organisation and offers Cert IV courses which are nationally accredited qualification that have been designed to provide a package of competencies reflecting the workplace capabilities required to conduct a digital forensic investigation. Cbit also has recognition of prior learning which can be applied to this certification.
    • DEF43122 – Certificate IV in Digital Forensics
    • VU22247 Acquire digital forensic data from workstations
    • VU22248 Acquire digital forensic data from mobile devices

X-Ways Forensics – Product Specific Training

4 Days instructor led

  • This course offers a deep dive into computer media examination using “X-Ways Forensics” software, thoroughly covering the forensic capabilities of WinHex and X-Ways Forensics. Through practical exercises, participants will engage with various computer forensic scenarios, aided by instructor-supplied sample files.
  • Key topics include the intricacies of slack space, the architecture of hash databases, detection techniques for deleted partitions, and how X-Ways Forensics identifies deleted files. Participants will also learn about forensically sound practices like disk imaging, cloning, data recovery, advanced search functions, dynamic filtering, and report generation. While the content is broad, the focus can adjust based on participants’ interests.
  • Provided training material ensures attendees can review topics post-course. Some foundational knowledge in computer forensics is recommended. By the end, learners will have skills in analysing both active and deleted files, efficiently scanning for sensitive content, and recovering elusive NTFS-compressed deleted files.

Linux Forensics

4 Day instructor led

  • Linux is everywhere– running in the cloud, on cell phones, and in embedded devices that make up the “Internet of Things”. Often neglected by their owners, vulnerable Linux systems are low-hanging fruit for attackers wishing to create powerful botnets or mine cryptocurrencies. Ransomware type attacks may target Linux-based database systems and other important infrastructure.
  • As attacks against Linux become more and more common, there is an increasing demand for skilled Linux investigators. But even experienced forensics professionals may lack sufficient background to properly conduct Linux investigations. Linux is its own religion and requires dedicated study and practice to become comfortable.
  • This four-day, hands-on course is a quick start into the world of Linux forensics. Learn how to use memory forensics to rapidly triage systems and spot attacker malware and rootkits. Learn where the most critical on-disk artifacts live and how they can help further an investigation. Rapidly process Linux logs and build a clearer picture of what happened on the system.

CCE BootCamp

5 Day Instructor Led

  • This is the Official CCE BootCamp that will teach you what you need to know to successfully take the Certified Computer Examiner (CCE)® certification examination. The Certified Computer Examiner (CCE) BootCamp is an intensive one-week training course in computer forensic examinations. This course will teach you how to conduct forensically sound computer examinations and will prepare you to take the CCE certification testing.

My Hard Drive Died – Data Recovery

5 Day instructor led

  • The goal of this class is to teach you how to handle a damaged hard drive and what your options are. We will introduce you to the proper hardware, equipment and software that will give you the best possibility and skills at completing this task.
  • Everything you need will be supplied and you do not need to bring any equipment or laptop. There will be a Data Recovery Kit that you will get to use for the class and will include hardware for recovery, Torx screwdrivers for hard drive sizes, the power supply connectors and sample hard drives, cd’s, and lecture and lab materials.

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