Atola Insight forensic 5.2 is out!

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Atola Insight Forensic 5.2 is out!

Atola Technology is really excited to announce the release of the new Insight Forensic software update.

Quicker wiping of multiple drives

We added a Multi-launch mode in the top menu. It allows you to select all drives you need and start wiping them all together.

Automatic launch of an external CLI app after imaging

Now you can specify an app or event BAT-script to launch when image acquisition is over. It eliminates the delay between evidence source image creation and its further forensic analysis using your favorite tools like X-Ways, Autopsy, KAPE, etc.

Other new features

  • Performance increase when imaging smaller sector blocks (<= 256 sectors)
  • Improved imaging of a freezing drive with a bad head disabled in settings
  • Head support for WDC Digital Caviar family
  • Support of parsing of NTFS partitions with cluster size ≥ 128K

5.2 software update is available for download at Support section of Atola website. 

Thank you for using Atola TaskForce in your important work.