Belkasoft Triage T v.1.2 is released

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Logged as non-privileged user on Windows?  Belkasoft can give you administrative rights.

Belkasoft team releases the new version of Belkasoft Triage T v.1.2! The new Belkasoft T release is focused on getting administrative rights in the event you are logged in as a non-privileged user.

During an on-site investigation or responding to a cyber incident, it may not be possible to run your tools as an administrator. This presents number of limitations.

Our new version of Belkasoft T automatically detects when you are running under a non-privileged user account and will enable you to elevate your privileges.

We not only developed the ‘getting administrative rights’ feature, but we also have updated multiple artifacts. Please read in detail how you can expand acquisition possibilities with Belkasoft T: